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During the 2022 AGM there was a request to provide Bereavement Services (Wake Services and Funeral Services)

at Christ Church Premises.  A Taskforce was setup after the AGM to study the feasibility of providing this service.

The Taskforce is collating responses through a questionnaire.  We do understand that these questions are personal and sensitive in nature and seek your understanding in responding to them. We are inviting all Electoral members to provide your comments that will help the Taskforce to study the responses and make recommendations accordingly.
On behalf of the Taskforce, we thank you for participating in this survey! 

Survey opens on 19 Mar 2023 after 12am and will close on 31 Mar 2023, 12 noon!

For any technical help in completing this survey form, please contact the E-ministry team members, Bro Gilbert, Bro Stanley, Bro Prem or Bro Christopher Vimal. 

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